Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bingo & Tabby

So many pictures & so little time yesterday to post! So here's Part 2. 

Sometimes Bingo still likes to go down our old, pre-lake trail:

Jumping OVER the logs, not on.

Hugging trees.


Tabby comes to join us.


Looking very sphinxy.
 Out the front door:

And then down to the lake:

Look at this!
At first I thought they were bugs; but they are teeny-tiny toads the size of my pinky nail.  (That's my index finger in the photo). So cute!  I'm really care walking around because I don't want to step on them!
 Bingo jumping on the logs:
Never gets old. 
 And on another one:

And again:

On the pier, but she just thinks it's there for her to get to the grass:

See? In the grass. But, oh! Guess what I have down here? Jewel Weed. Woo-hoo!

These are Mississippi water lilies, I think. 
Another gift from Composer Brother.

And the lake. Mini lily pads along the shore.

Back over the logs:

With all the rain we've had, this area is less boggy, and more creeky-brookish:
Imagine you can hear the water running.  :-) 
 More grass-eating:

I'm noticing she's getting a bit greyer under the chin. 

Aaaaaand over the log: 

Love it here. Someone asked me how big the lake was. Whatever is 2 inches beyond a pond!

Here's Tabby on a fallen tree:

When I first saw this, I thought, "Wow. Look how that tree fell with its branches on either side of that tree. Lucky tree!" And then I realized, that the tree prolly grew up between the already-fallen tree. Yeah, that was my Mensa moment. 

Rocks waiting to go in the labyrinth.

And back in the yard.  :-)

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