Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meal Time with Millie

Millie preferred her food mixed with water & fish oil and she liked it soupy. She would slurp the soupy part & eat a bit, then save the rest for later when it was mushy. She also was adept at pulling her bowl with her teeth to her.

After a couple mishaps of soupy dogfood spilling everywhere, I made sure to prop up her food bowl so she wouldn't spill it:

The box also doubled as a head rest.

Breakfast in bed.

 Sometimes she would act like a regular dog . . . 
She managed to get my cup off the coffee table & finished whatever was in there!

 She did this once; getting into the trash. Instead of being mad, I thought, "Good for you, Mil. Trying to act like a youngster."

She LOVED her Mercola dental bones. So yummy. She used to eat hers lickity-split & then vie for Maggie's.

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