Sunday, June 2, 2013

In the Labyrinth

This goes against the Brit-part of me, but I do like iced tea!  Here's how I'm making it:
In the labyrinth. 
Chiro-sis took this on Friday. I call this my "Going to Traffic Court" look:
I got pulled over for a burnt out head light. And then! Discovered my registration had expired. Gah! Didn't get a notice and didn't notice the '12 tags on my plates. "That's no excuse, ma'am." *sigh* I went immediately online & renewed, but still had to put in an appearance in court. The judge asked me if I had anything to say & then swore me in. I told him it was the best pull-over I've ever had. And I was grateful to know my tags were dead. I'm sure he was looking at me and thinking, "TGIF." Heh. But really, the officer was SO nice. When she told me I had to appear in court on May 31st, I got my planner out. "Hang on," I said. Like I need to check my schedule to fit her in.

LOVE my labyrinth!

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