Monday, June 10, 2013


You may have noticed 2 Millie posts from Saturday. I've been organizing M&M Mondays, and those were in my drafts folder, never published. I didn't realize that I had published them, and then I just put them in to the M&M Mondays page in chronological order. Reading thru all the posts made me feel closer to them again. Missing them makes me miss Barkley & Remi, and it makes me love Bingo all the more. I had a friend visit over the weekend and we were walking Bingo up the drive and I had this realization--declaration, really--that I can't imagine my life without a dog. I'll always have at least one. Altho, I keep thinking that the older I get, perhaps the smaller my dogs will get so I can lift them if I need to. In 30 years I'll be with miniature poodles & chi-wow-wows. Anyway, just wanted to offer a bit of clarification for those wondering, What the what? And now, here's a picture of a flower:

Composer brother helped me plant this last year. And by "helped," I mean, he did it.

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